About us

Located 30 km from Riga, at the bank of river Daugava, in a pure and tranquil environment with highways and city hustle distant, a family lives and runs a small business of sea-buckthorn production. For three years now (since 2011) we have grown and harvested sea-buckthorn which then turns into uniquely valuable health and beauty products. The reliable recipes and quality of our products has ensured that our clientele steadily expands by year, which in turn inspires us to put new products on offer. 

The vision and goal of Malderi is to promotie the sea-buckthorn in the Latvian market and to develop it into a sector here. Our main objective is to inform our clientele and Latvian communities of the benefits of sea-buckthorn – how its natural qualities improves the body and the quality of life, and how beneficial in general it is to eat natural foodstuffs and use pure products daily. 


Contacts (buckthorn products): Daiga +371 29820775, Aris +371 25210380

Contacts (guesthouse): Daira: +371 29673997, Inars: +371 25900715

E-mail: daiga.zakmane@inbox.lv


Home-based entrepreneur DAIRA MALDERE 

Taxpayer registration No (CR) 0023466 

ARA FVS (The Assessment and Registration Agency of Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia) registration No 055771 

Enterprise registration No 27055412951

Address: ‘Malderi’, Municipality of Daugmale, Riga, LV-2124

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