Guesthouse Malderi offers a peaceful retreat from the city hustle by giving you a tranquil environment surrounded by the charm of wilderness!

Malderi is located 30 km from Riga, by the river Daugava. The house can accommodate banquets, wedding celebrations, birthdays, business dinners, etc. 


  • Hall for 70 guests;
  • Beds and camping plots for over 40 guests;
  • Sauna and pool (for intimate use and parties);
  • Exterior fireplace (for romantic retreats);
  • Banquet planning and catering services.

Enchanting nature, calm surroundings, harmonic serenity, fresh air, sounds of the river, and comfort – it all awaits you at Malderi guesthouse.

Take a tour before vacationing to make sure Malderi suits your tastes and requirements. 

Beforehand, please contact

Daira: +371 29673997
Inārs: +371 25900715

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