Sea-buckthorn nectar, syrup

Sea-buckthorn nectar:

Since both the plant’s leaves and berries are practically made of every vitamin found in nature, sea-buckthorn is a natural phenomenon in terms of a natural vitamin source for the human body. Consuming the berries and/or buckthorn production on a regular basis helps the body store the essential vitamins in safe and convenient way.

The buckthorn berries comprise over 10 vitamins, soluble both in water and fats. Moreover, because of this quality the human metabolism absorbs the majority of the vitamins and stores them in cells.  

As for minerals, the buckthorn berries also have iron, magnesium, copper, and over 15 trace minerals. And since it also contains the vitamins of B, PP, and K groups, the buckthorn nectar proves to be so much more valuable than others.

Furthermore, the F vitamin the sea-buckthorn carries is a good revitalizer – not only it refreshes a person after lengthy hours at the computer, but also contributes to the cognitive function and heightens the reaction speed.

The K1 that the berries have (times exceeding the amount found in the berries of the mountain ash) contributes to normal blood coagulation, which is particularly essential to be ensured before surgeries and monitored in cases of internal bleeding, ulcers, and hemorrhoids. 

Also, carotenoids are there in the berries. These compounds are used for treating wounds, since it increases the healing speed when administered (here the tell-tale is the orange colour of the berry itself). And, of course, the berries carry large amounts of C vitamin, as well. 


Regardless of the fact that the nectar is 100% natural and free of additives, it must be kept in a refrigerator (or other cooled space) and used up within a week!

Sea-buckthorn nectar:

Nectar can be mixed.  Mixed with water - ratio 1:10 – the nectar would provide you both with a refreshment for the hot summer days and daily boost for immunity. Mixed with milk – ratio 1:5 – it acquires the consistency of a light drinkable yogurt.


Nectar is to be kept in a refrigerated space and used within 6 months.

Sea-buckthorn oil

The sea-buckthorn oil comprises a unique set of vitamins and biologically active organic compounds: carotenoids, tocopherols (compounds of E vitamin family) – essential for normal levels and metabolism of fatty acids – etc. Recommended for treating digestive disorders and stomach and intestinal illnesses: ulcers, chronical colitis, constipation, chronical gastritis, indigestion, anal fissure, internal hemorrhoids, burning and inflammation of the stomach. The oil also helps the recovery of those suffering of angina, tonsillitis, and the like. The oil, administered to cavities as a lubricant, quickly reduces the effects of pharyngitis, rhinitis, and other allergen-related symptoms. In cases of rheumatism and podagra, the folk medicine suggests    administering the oil to the affected joints.


Internally: 1 tea-spoon 2 times a day 30 minutes before a meal

Externally: for oiling the affected skin areas. Duration of administering the oil: 1 month.

Personal care and beauty:

The oil is used for increasing nail- and hair-growth as well as treating problematic skin conditions.

For dry skin: add a couple of drops to a moisturizer or day-/night-cream.

For oily skin: apply the oil to your face instead of washing it with soap; this would normalize the PH balance and restore it to neutral along with the disinfectant effect. 


Vitamins C, E, F, vitamin compounds, carotene, B group vitamins, linoleic and linoleic fatty acids, B-sitosterol – strong antisclerotic agent, and a natural anti-agent to cholesterol.


The oil is to be kept in in a cool (5-15° C), dry, dark space. Refrain from using the oil in cases of acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and other disorders regarding pancreas. Do not use for chronical stomach disorders and diarrhea.

Sea-buckthorn gel (jam)

For your tastes on offer:

  • Classical;
  • Pumpkin mix;
  • Strawberry mix;
  • Cranberry mix;
  • Pear mix.

Gels expire in 6 months.

Soothing ointment with propolis, lip balm, buckthorn moisturizing cream

The soothing ointment consists of sea-buckthorn oil, propolis, and ghee. The ointment helps with fever blisters, wounds and minor injuries. The product has a moisturizing and nurturing effect that would generally improve the general state of your skin.

Sea-buckthorn ointment. It moisturizes and protects lips in the cold and windy seasons of the year.

Sea-buckthorn cream. In winter, when applied to the face, the cream forms a fine protective layer that would not only keep your skin well-nurtured, but also keep the effects of cold and external radicals at bay. Specially recommended to roughened skin, cracked fingertips and thickened skin on heels. .

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